Sunday, August 31, 2008

Medical Home Based Jobs

In all the hype on-line about getting rich quick from a home based job it can become easy to get jaded about any type of home based job opportunity. Yet the truth of the matter is that there are home based job opportunities out there that can become viable employment opportunities

Take for example the vast amount of home based job opportunities in the healthcare profession. While not for the lay person, a trained healthcare professional can make a decent living in certain home based job opportunities. We will deal with three such home based job opportunities in this piece.

Medical billing is a fantastic home based job open to a trained healthcare professional. This home based job requires you to file claims for doctors and other healthcare providers with the appropriate insurance company or government program. Since most healthcare professionals are already conversant with the health insurance system they can easily slip into this home based job.

A medical billing home based job can bring in only about $6 to $8 an hour to start but worked well this home based job can see a $60,000 annual income if the person has an entrepreneurial mindset.

The other side of the medical billing home based job is a home based job in medical claims assistance. While the medical billing home based job works with health professionals and insurance companies, the medical billing home based job works with the client. The medical billing home based job is geared at helping those who have trouble understanding the proper filling out and filing of reports and claims.

A medical claims assistance home based job will only bring in about $5,000 annually at first. Yet again, this home based job has the potential to earn you $40 to $80 an hour in a relatively short period of time.

Finally we come to a home based job in medical transcription. Even many healthcare professionals will need extra training in this line of home based job. This home based job is involved in transcribing, interpreting and editing the dictated notes of doctors and other healthcare providers. There is a great amount of terminology and procedure to learn so this home based job will probably require up to two years of schooling.

It is not unusual for a medical transcription home based job to earn between $20,000 and $40,000 a year.

So there you have it. Home based jobs that can really work. Not exactly get rich quick plans but unlike most home based job that promise quick riches, these home based jobs can actually deliver.
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