Friday, May 29, 2009

Internet Assessor: Google Approach To Hire Freelancers.

This is may be the best work from home opportunity for the freelance job seekers who want to earn some money online. Google is hiring freelancers in last few years and giving them a chance to earn some money online. Google says it as a ‘Temporary position’. And the official name of the position is ‘Quality Rater’. The raters working from their home around the world work manually to improve the search results delivered by Google search. In most cases Google recruits and manage freelancers (Quality Raters) through some world’s top outsourcing companies. One of these is Lionbridge Inc. It’s working on recruiting freelancers for this ‘Internet Assessor’ program from more than 80 countries around the world. I have seen this Job to be posted on and Yahoo hot jobs by Lionbridge Inc. This temporary poison is also known as Internet Assessor and Web Evaluator.

Easy Work From Home - Worldwide.

Temporary Position at Google (The Role)

As an Internet Assessor/ Web evaluator/ Quality Rater is assigned to improve the search results delivered by Google search.

This is a task based work performed in Google’s own invented program called ‘EWOQ’. Every rater has access to the program and they work from home and usually expected to complete 60-75 task per hour (Evaluate search result page(s) against search terms/queries).

Hours of work per week are a recommended minimum of 10 and maximum of 20. You may structure your hours whatever way you wish. This means you can work from home at any time and around your own schedule.

The EWOQ Program inside Google (Where the Freelancers work)

The freelancers get access to the Rating Interface (Log in to work) by visiting the following URL

This is Google’s own program you will use as a rater. Applicants are asked to provide a Gmail /Google account during the recruitment process. The successful candidates (It’s not very hard to become successful) get the access to the program with their Google accounts.

Schreenshot: Rating Task Home(Taken from the Study Materials for the applicants)

How Much the Raters/Internet Assessors Earn

The raters are allowed to work minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 hours per week. Payments are made in Euro and vary country to country. The rate of payments is determined on your local currency’s position against US dollar.
Generally the raters get the amount equivalent to $10(Per hour). Where the local currency is stronger than US Dollar, they will get more than that, Up to 20/25 Euro per hour.

Payments are sent to rater’s bank accounts after 60 days.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is run by some world's top outsourcing firms(Lionbridge Inc. and WorkforceLogic. )on behalf of Google. Most of the time, such as Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. the consultancy firms don't unveil that they are hiring people to work inside Google during the recruitment process.

You must have to pass an exam before being accepted into the Rating Program and will not get a second chance to apply or sit for the exam.

The exam is an ‘Open Book’ online exam where you will be provided the study materials. You will get one week to study the material and complete the exam.

There are two parts of the exam:
Part 1: Consist of 24 theory questions
Part 2: Consists of 270 practical questions.

Study Materials and Exam

At the exam stage of the recruitment process you will receive all your exam material by Thursday as the exam is compiled every Wednesday.

You will have one week to study the materials and complete the exam.

Study Materials

The study materials you will be provided are the guidelines and instructions on how you work as a Internet Assessor or Quality Rater.

The Exam (Theoretical Part)

The theoretical part of exam will have 24 questions and these are very easy if you just read and understand the study material.

Sample question:

“A user is searching for string lyrics. How would you rate the following result?


A. Vital

B. Useful

C. Relevent

D. Not Relevent

E. Off-topic

F. Didn’t load

G. Foreign Language

The Exam (Practical Part)

This part has a total of 270 questions you will be required to answer or solve. This is basically a bunch of the exact task you will be working on as a Rater. This part is the harder one but anyone who read the Guidelines carefully can easily pass the exam.

Few tips to be successful in the exam

1. Read the guideline carefully and try to understand it.2.You will get access to the practical part of the exam if you pass the theoretical part. This part is easy. Try to complete it as early as possible so that you can take your time to complete the practical part.
3. Don’t keep lots of task “Save Now” to finalize later. Because you will not be able to submit multiple answers at a time.

Applicants from more than 80 countries are eligible to apply through LionbridgeInc. to get this temporary position at Google.


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