Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Based Jobs - Work From Home

Make money creating educational content

Seemile is a new education marketplace where you can upload voice or video files of your lectures. You can set your own price and upon anyone purchasing it you will get paid, minus some commission which is kept by the site.
The site is still very new and obviously this is not an opportunity that will appeal to everyone but if you are able to teach a topic it could be worth giving the site a try.

18 sites that pay for writing

Even if you are not a professional writer, you can still make money from your writing. As long as you know where to look, you can find opportunities to earn money. I have listed some methods and links to get you started.

Get paid to write blog posts or articles

You can write exclusive articles, submit them at these sites and get paid for each one. - Pays $4 per blog post and you also get 5% of the revenue your blog makes. - You can create (minimum 100 word) posts about the topic of your choice and get paid. There is a long waiting list according to the site.
constant content- Get paid for each of your articles that gets sold and you can also earn 5% commission on sales made by people you refer to the site. Inc.Get paid $10/essay or presentation that gets accepted onto the site. Sell unique articles at a price you specify. You are paid when someone purchases it.

Get paid by performance of your article - Revenue Sharing

Submit your articles to these sites and you will get a cut of the revenue your article generates on their site.
Triond - Publish writing, poetry, video, content, music and get paid
Associated Content, Inc.
eHow, Inc. - Write instructions on any topic and get paid depending on how popular your article is.
Hubpages Inc.
Squidoo, LLC
Suite 101
Xomba - You will have to sign up for adsense in order to earn revenue here.
Pakt, LLC - Write tutorials on any topic.

Bid on freelance writing jobs

This may sound intimidating for the average person but there are many freelance jobs that are not looking for top of the line professional writing skills but rather someone who can produce a set of keyword rich articles fast and inexpensively.
Some freelance sites are:

Elance, Inc.

Sponsored posts on your own blog

You can join the below sites and find opportunities to post about a product or service on your blog and get paid for it. Some people feel this drags the quality of your blog down and I tend to agree but nonetheless there is money to be made here.

payperpost.comGet paid between $5 and $20 per sponsored post, depending largely on your Google PR rank and which country you are blogging from. Maximum 3 posts per day and it’s getting very hard to find available posting opportunities, they get snapped up immediately. - Prompt paying, great company. Advertisers are a bit more selective and pay attention to your site stats.
ReviewMe I didn’t find as many posting opportunities here but every now and then something does come along.

Got a job as a blogger/writer hiring freelance writers to write tips on a range of topics.
ProBlogger Job BoardsYou can find many blogging jobs here


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