Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Medical Coding Books

Medical coding is converting a medical procedure, diagnosis, or symptoms into universally accepted codes which help in financial reimbursement from insurance companies and government agencies, software companies and consulting firms. There are a number of medical coding schools/institutes/universities where one can avail of all knowledge about Medical Coding. This knowledge is attained offline and online too. To attain this knowledge one has to study Medical Coding Books which are referenced by all aspiring Medical Coding students to achieve their career goals.

These references and guides are essential to practice managers, hospital billing offices, health information managers, coders, physicians and all those responsible for documenting procedures, diagnoses and utilization.

There are bookstores available where the students can study the list of books available by topic or type. One can also search by product number, title, keyword or author. The basic requisite of the student is to have knowledge of medical terminology.

The books that are referenced by Medical Coders include CPT and ICD-9, HCPCS and RBRVS Coding Books

A few of the Medical Coding Books include:

Coding Medicare Compliance

Other Coding Tools and Guides

Specialty Coding Titles

ICD-9 Coding – Medical Diagnosis Coding

CPT Coding – Current Procedural Terminology are used to define items that are necessary to appropriately interpret and report medical procedures and medical services.

HCPCS Coding - contain all codes and descriptions for durable medical goods, DME POS, injections (J codes), supplies and services not covered by CPT.

Fee Guides (RBRVS)

DRG and RBRVS - Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) is used by Medicare for classification of inpatient hospital services.

These books are designed for hospitals, physician practices and health care providers. There are also available Step-By-Step Medical Coding Books available which aids in attaining knowledge online too. These books can be browsed by viewing the sample pages and then one can decide if this books needs to be referenced or not.

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