Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Medical Coding Software Information

Medical Coding specialists submit proper documentation to a number of insurance companies and federal agencies for reimbursement and avoid fraud charges in order for their employer to financially succeed. Therefore to correctly file a claim for each third party payer the coder has to choose combinations of different standard coding systems totalling over thousands of codes. Medical coders select appropriate codes from different coding systems for different purposes. There are a number of medical coding software’s available so that the work of the medical coder gets simplified and speeded.

Some of the software’s used areEncoder Pro Standard : gives you all codes and a larger reference library for Physicians Current Procedural Terminology and code sets.Encoder Professional : It enhances code selection, speeds manual review, and gives users the power they need to make the right decisions.Encoder Pro Expert : Combines a powerful compliance editing tool with code detail and Medicare and commercial references. It delivers integrated search results, code details, and lay descriptions PLUS audit and report functionality.RBRVS Plus 2004 : Simplify your RBRVS calculationsChargemaster Analyzer : Reduce time and expense involved in keeping your chargemaster current with quarterly electronic updates

Alpha II Medical Coding Software helps you generate precise codes that accurately portray the patient encounter and comply with all current coding guidelines it takes your coding through edits and checks mandates by Medicare and private carriers, helping to ensure that the claim is fit to be processed, and not down-coded, or rejected because of incorrect or incomplete coding. Soarian : Synchronizes workflow across your entire enterprise, orchestrating patient care, improving operational efficiency, and raising patient and clinician satisfaction.

Visionary DREAM EMR Electronic Medical Records, allows health care professionals to carry a powerful PC instead of a clipboard or patient file. All of the above aid in the Medical Coding to achieve an even greater reduction of administrative costs and also aids in saving a lot of time

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