Monday, September 15, 2008

Work Online Data Entry Job Secrets

If you’ve ever thought of finding a work online data entry job, there are a couple of
ways to do it. You can try looking for a traditional data entry job or one of the new wave of untraditional data entry jobs.

Working at home and online means you can fit your job around your home life. It’s perfect for stay at home moms and people who would prefer to work at home for various reasons.
So what exactly is a data entry job? Data entry is the act of entering information into a computer. It could include entering figures or regular typing. A traditional data entry job is entering data into the computer for an employer and being paid a certain amount of money per hour.

An untraditional work online data entry job (the new wave) is becoming your own employer and entering data into the computer, usually in the form of advertisements. These advertisements are usually pay-per-click ads which run on Google and similar search engines which show pay-per-click ads, such as Yahoo! and MSN.

So what are you selling? Usually digital online products from Clickbank, for example a dog training ebook. Each time someone buys that product from your ad, you get paid a commission. Commissions can be anything from 10% to 75% but most are around the 50% mark.
How do you get paid? If you’re selling Clickbank products, you can look at your stats anytime and see how much you’ve made. Clickbank mails checks every two weeks.
There are hundreds of products available at Clickbank. It should be easy to find something you’d like to sell and that pays a good commission.

How do you get started? First, a small amount of studying is necessary. After all, you wouldn’t fly a plane without knowing anything about it, would you? Second, not all products showing you how to make money with an untraditional work online data entry job are created equal. There is excellent information out there and some information that’s not very good at all. It’s important to only study the quality information so you can get off to a flying start.

By Lainie Lawson

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